Fisk & Crawford

Coal-fired Power Plants are old and dirty sources of energy, releasing large amounts of mercury and fine particulate matter into the atmosphere. Fisk (in Pilsen) and Crawford (in Little Village) are two coal plants by the California-based company Midwest Generation polluting Chicago neighborhoods for the past 100 years. Local community groups, including PERRO, Pilsen Alliance, LVEJO, and Bridgeport Alliance, teamed up with other environmental organizations in the city to fight against the environmental injustices in these neighborhoods. Chicago Youth Climate Coalition teamed up with them to create the Chicago Clean Power Coalition (CCPC). After years of grassroots efforts, we achieved victory on February 2012 when the company announced the closing of the plants by the end of the year!


CYCC at City Hall for the Clean Power Ordinance

On September 20, 2012 CYCC was presented an Environmental Leadership Award by the Illinois Environmental Council as part of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.


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