Coal Curriculum

The coal curriculum is a phony educational program sponsored by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (IDCEO). “From the Coal Mines to the Power Lines” is distributed to public schools in Illinois and teaches all the ways in which coal is an integral part of our lives. There is a major problem with it though. The coal curriculum grossly overlooks the negative aspects of coal such as health effects and pollution failing to provide both sides of the well established story of coal. Passed off as part of science curricula for grammar school children, it is really nothing more than a blatant marketing scheme to our state’s children. As students ourselves who value academic honesty and disdain dirty marketing of an outdated energy source, Chicago Youth Climate Coalition has taken a leading role in stopping this curriculum in its tracks. We have partnered with the Heartland Coalfield Alliance to make the coal curriculum campaign the spearhead of a larger fight against egregious state support for the coal industry.



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