CYCC Presence at ISEC Conference

The semi-annual ISEC conference was 6 hours of intense eco-information and fun.  Students from all across the state joined together on a Saturday (a Saturday!) to discuss the problems our environment faces and the solutions we have to fight.  Colleges and universities all across the state had representatives present, coming all the way down south, up north and schools in Chicago.  

The first topic of the day was about energy, specifically the community aggregation that CYCC fought so hard for.  We discussed aggregation and what it entails for communities who pass it through legislation.  We then moved on to discuss wind power and the Clean Line project which strives to deliver wind power from the middle of the country to the urban hubs, where the energy can be used, as it should be.

There was a presentation on hydro-fracturing that followed.  Though I always thought I was quite knowledgeable about fracking, I learned a whole bunch of horrifying facts.  Most notably, that the oil and gas industries are exempt from many laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  Also, fracturing wells are only able to be used 10 times.  What a waste!  So, we all joined together and wrote letters to our state house representatives, asking them to support a bill to place a moratorium on fracking in Illinois.  Do your part!  Write a letter!  Look up your representative at

It was a great experience to meet other like-minded environmentalists and discuss important topics with people who care.  Stay up to date for future ISEC plans!


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