Legendary Edible Earth to Be Held At DePaul University!

Greetings Earthlings! 

I am proud to announce this year’s first Edible Earth sustainability dinner, coming up this Wednesday (11/7/12) at 5:30! The event is hosted by the Sustainability Initiatives Committee and Urban Farming Organization. It is very excited to be hosting the event in our very own DePaul Urban Garden (corner of Belden and Bissell). There will be warm food, warm drinks, and live entertainment! 


We are hosting this event with one theme in mind: sustainability. Our idea of sustainability means shopping smarter, eating healthier and enjoying an abundance of fresh, locally-grown food. It strays away from foods grown in the conventional and/or industrial methods. Sustainability has morphed into a fast-growing, dynamic movement meant to educate others. This is precisely what we are hoping to accomplish at Edible Earth. We would like our cooks and attendees to understand sustainability through the lens of edible sustenance! 

Check out the Edible Earth Facebook Event for further details and more information.


Tina Verrilli


One response to “Legendary Edible Earth to Be Held At DePaul University!

  1. What a great event shout out! Thanks for spreading the love!

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