CYCC Working Group, Fracking

CYCC is starting up a working group around fracking.

The Illinois state legislature just passed SB1715 allowing fracking into our state. It has been touted as the toughest regulations on fracking in the country. Meanwhile New York still has a moratorium, so there might be an argument there.  There is a lot to get done between now and September when Governor Quinn is expected to sign the regulatory bill into law.

The goal of the working group is to build a network of anti-fracking support in the Chicagoland area that we can mobilize when the frack attack hits our state in earnest.

We are also looking to educate Chicagoans about fracking and it’s implications for public health as well as the broader impacts on the environment.

If this is something that you are interested in please participate in this Doodle poll and help us set a time for the first working group meeting.

The location will be announced after we settle on a time.

anti fracking


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Chicago Forward on Climate Rally THIS SUNDAY!


Hosted by CYCC

Two prominent Chicago art schools, ready to divest!

Support them here:

Chicago Students in support of campus divestments!



School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Depaul, Loyola, Roosevelt

Putting pressure on divestment

Students from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign are putting pressure on their university to divest from fossil fuels!

Chicago students are stepping up as well.
University of Chicago delivered their letter last week with an attendance of 30 students in support.

Columbia College is anticipating a letter delivery this afternoon!

Divestment Training Feedback

Sunday December 9, 2012

The divestment training happened today within the last meeting for CYCC for the year and the meetings will pick back up next year. However, this post is about the divestment training and the training gave much incite about how we should push for universities to divest in fossil fuel because fossil fuel is increasing the climate change that is causing global warming. Plus, the many ideas that were giving out for how to get universities nation wide to divest in fossil fuel and who should be reached in order to stop universities from investing in fossil fuel because of the damage that fossil fuel is doing to our environment. Now with in 5 years we are hoping to get all universities to divest in fossil fuel.
Thanks kelvin for the great training.


Indoor Garden

CYCC’s Fatima speaks of her new indoor garden!

“So I am gone to start with why I decided to start my indoor garden and that was because I live in an apartment building that does not have any garden space. That is how I came up with the idea to start my indoor garden by visiting Home Depot and a florist shop that is with in my neighborhood. Therefore, I brought my first plant from Home Depot and a couple of months later I purchased my second plant because I had to buy a planting pot and some planting soil to re-pot my first plant. What I am hoping to start with this indoor garden is possible a better garden in the near future and hopefully more plants will soon be added to my indoor garden. Plus, I am looking to start growing flowers from the bulbs and other plants from the seed.”

Calling all Universities on Divestment!


A call to all university students in Chicago:

We will be hosting a meeting at Columbia College this Sunday to discuss a joint effort with students across the nation to DIVEST their campuses from the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY.

If you are a student from any school or university in Chicago, please feel free to join students from

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Columbia College
University of Chicago
and more!

This Sunday Dec 9 from 3-4PM at:
624 S Michigan Ave, room 1306.

Following will be a 30minute CYCC meeting if you would like to be more involved in our other campaigns.

Hearing on Community Energy Choice TOMORROW

There will be a city council hearing on community energy choice (aggregation) tomorrow! Come out and show your support for zero coal, increased renewables!

Where: City Hall
When: Wednesday December 5
9:30-10AM- Press Conference
10AM- Committee Hearing
Who: Clean Power Coalition & YOU

Email if you have any questions.

Hope to see you tomorrow!